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Mechnikov North Western State Medical University, St. Petersburg


International competition, one of two 1st places

Client   Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Location   St. Petersburg, Russia
Duration   2013
Function   University hospital, rehabilitation clinic, research & laboratory building
Figures   1290 beds (thereof university hospital: 930 beds;
  rehabilitation clinic: 360 beds); 120 additional beds
  intensive care; 16 OTs; dialysis centre: 40 seats;
  chemotherapy and radiation therapy: 60 places for
  outpatients; outpatients per year: 1.000 000
GFA   approx. 240.000 m²
Architecture and Engineering   International competition, one of two 1st places

Our goal is your goal

The projects we handle at HWP confront us with many questions – and behind them there is ultimately always a single one: What objectives is the client pursuing and how can we help him to achieve them? And it is not a matter of chance that this very question is our priority - this is a fundamental attitude towards doing business that is shared by all our staff.


We work for clients in both the private and public sector. Our core competence lies in delivering special solutions for the sectors of health care, education and research, industry, commerce and logistics. The scope of these projects also includes the planning of complementary facilities, such as residential and administration buildings, sports and leisure facilities, and requires infrastructure systems as for instance streets and sidewalks, supply, sewerage and electrical systems.


Beyond Germany and Europe our main focus of activity is the Middle East, Egypt and China. We would not be nearly as successful if we did not show respect for other cultures and understanding for their habits and practices, which are very different to our own. It is important here that our company is cosmopolitan by nature: our employees come from over 15 nations and between them, speak more than 20 languages.


You can plan ahead as much as you want for a project – reality always throws up obstacles and unforeseen events. One of our priorities is nonetheless offering our clients maximum certainty in terms of the final result as well as costs and time. When tackling this challenge, we are aided by our sound skills, wealth of experience and engagement in addition to multidisciplinary teams and sophisticated planning tools, which are continuously developed and optimised further at our company.


The resulting high level of customer satisfaction is demonstrated for example by the follow-up orders and recommendations, which account for a large part of our contracts.

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